The Future Of The Garage

The garage for all its simplicity has either been a place to keep your car or a place to store all of your junk.  Garage floors have always been a cold cement slab with no appeal or other features.  In fact, many garage floors are stained, cracked and just not really attractive.  For the modern family, however, garages are taking on totally new purposes.

The office

Garage flooring Chicago

Turning the garage into an office is one of the first ideas that many people have.  With the rise in online business and work from home opportunities the need for a home office is becoming a greater necessity.  Designing the garage into a home office doesn’t need to be expensive.  You can remove the garage door and replace them with a wall or keep the doors as a load dock type feel for when UPS comes and gets your packages. 

The office concept is also great since there isn’t a lot more you need to do. Most garages are already finished with sheetrock, so all you need to do is sand down the walls and give them a coat of paint.  The Garage flooring Chicago can either be finished with an epoxy solution, painted or indoor-outdoor carpet. 

With the garage being a spare room in the house you can have it as an office, workshop, spare bedroom, kids’ room or anything that you can possibly imagine.  Once the room is finished off it can be very versatile.

Kids room

Making it into a kid’s room is a great idea as well.  The kids can go out into the garage and play, create a mess and when done mom and dad can just hose it down to bring it back to its original shine. 

Being creative with this room can allow you to have it quickly become the most used room in the house.  Explore your creativity and see what you can make of it.